This sales training course tackles the subject of strategic selling, when confronted with a complicated and difficult selling situation a more strategic approach can provide a huge advantage. Complex sales situations usually provide sales people with a variety of specific challenges associated with a complicated sale due to the number of people and influencers who are typically involved in the sales process, the buying process a more complicated sale will follow and also the timeframe a complicated sales will take to complete and close.

When faced with a complicated sales situation that can be influenced by so many factors traditional sales approaches struggle to provide the attention to detail and insight required to close such sales and a more in depth intelligence driven strategic sales approach is required.

Who will benefit from the course?

Field sales people                                                          Senior sales people
Client relationship managers                                      Internal telesales people
Key account managers                                                 Business development managers
Commercial managers                                                 Senior sales people who have had no formal training on the subject 

Upon completing this course you will learn the following skills

Understand and how to use a strategic sales pipeline                 Managing your time within a strategic sale
Understand the strategic sales process                                          Understand the complex buying process
How to ask the right questions within a complex sale                 How to qualify complicated customer requirements
How to approach complex sales appointments                            Follow up complex sales meetings               
Build rapport and establish relationships                                      Objection handling skills within the complex sale
Deal with difficult selling situations                                                 Understanding buyer behaviour
How to create and communicate value                                          How to focus on the outcome when closing the complex sale
How to read other people                                                                 How to close the sale and gain commitment
How to take a progress complex sales enquiry                             How to negotiate within a complicated sales situation  

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